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Common steps to remove virus

These are several steps you need to use in several cases in removing a trojan or a worm manually. You may need to take one or more of these steps as advised in the manual removal writeups. The steps are explained in detail and is useful when you need to take these steps How to Boot in Recovery Console in winXP If you are having trouble to access registry tools, and task manager, then you will be unable to end the running processes of the virus, and detete them from hard disk. In such a situation booting from a cd helps which does not give the virus executables a chance to run. First see that your computer BIOS setting allows you to boot from your cd. Then insert windows installation disk in the drive bay and restart the computer. As the computer detects the cd , it asks you to press any key to boot from the cd. If you do so, it starts detecting hardware and then present you with an option to start installation or start Recovery console. Press R to start Repair console. On the next