Essentials of Home Computers

I have been working on computers and connected to internet since 1999 when a friend of mine started an Internet Shop or a Net Cafe in Koregaon Park in Poona where the Rajneesh Ashram or Osho Commune was located. We had 15 computers in the shop connected to the internet, all running on Windos XP Sp2. We had antivirus programs on them, but hundreds of clients using the computers for browsing the internet, and watching every conceivable thing, the computers were abound to crash with viruses and I was the one who would try to detect and remove them everyday. It went for almost a year.

The shop was later closed/ sold for other reasons, but I continued with my interest in computers and in removing viruses by answering questions on Yahoo Answers. Later I started my own blogs and a website ( and youtube channels in three languages. English, Hindi and Marathi. (

All along I worked independently. I have little or no experience of working in some one else's establishment. That has helped me to build my own convinctions  about matters related to use of computers.

Two years ago I discarded Windows XP and started using Ubuntu, I am happily sitting in front of a computer with Ubuntu running on it since then. In these two years I had to reinstall Ubuntu just once because of a major version change, when the update failed. Compairing this with Windows, which I had to reinstall on My computers/ Laptop at least once in a month.

Through years of daily sitting in front of computers connected to internet, I have come to a certain understanding about basic computer usage on which I can talk for hours in detail.

I you are interested I can keep writing about this matter. But in this blog post I will boil down my conviction as below.

My computer use was mostly a home use. Not for any commercial purpose hence I did not require any special software. Hence I would say this would apply to all Home computer users.

1) You do not need to run your computer on Windows.
2) You are better off with Linux (any distribution of your choice)
3) If you must - You can install Windows as Dual Boot on the same computer or install it on a virtual machine and use it as another program running in Linux, as I do.

Well that's all I have to say. I use Ubuntu Linux and all the free software available on it. I do not have to purchase any software, all software I need is available with Ubuntu for Free.

I am ready to extend any kind of technical support/ education to anyone wanting to make this transition from Windows to Linux. Let me know.

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