Virus Removal Guides site is gone

One fine morning I got tired of the Virus Removal Guides Blog. Although it was the blog with maximum number of posts compared to my other blogs, and has maximum viewership. I felt that it was time for it to go.

Some of the events that triggered this decision are as following.

There was no internet connection at my place for more than 2 months now. The broadband Internet connection was disrupted due to the feud between the Municipal Corporation and the Internet Service Provider. I was offline for more than a month, after which I resumed basic connectivity using a mobile broadband connection with limited data throughput.

I noticed that the site was displaying an error with a message having connection denied to the database. This made the site as well as the back end inaccessible for days.

I contacted the Web Hosting Provider but there was no real help coming from them in identifying the cause.

After logging in my web hosting account, I noticed that there was a maximum allocated space of 300 MB for the MySQL database. Although my account can have a maximum of 50 such databases, and I had been using only 5 MySQL databases, the maximum allocated size was not increased unless I had to pay extra 50 dollars per year to expand the database to 1000 MB. I did that and my site resumed.

However even after the database space upgrade my troubles did not end. I was unable to even simple tasks on the site to write a new article, as that would result into allocated memory size exceed error. So I resumed to write on one of my dormant Blogger blogs ( You can read my latest articles on this blog now.

Another disturbing thing that I observed was that even without being able to write anything on the site, the database space seemed to be automatically filling up. I recorded an increase of 13 MB of filled up space just within two days.

This made me worried, there was something wrong with the Joomla installation 1.5.9 which my site was using. I was waiting for years hoping that the Web hosting provider would upgrade the Joomla some day, but they didn't. I even posted my question on the forum on their site, but got no reply about How to upgrade/ update the Joomla 1.5.9 to the latest versions.

So you will continue to listen from me on this blog.

The Email address and are no more functional. If you have been trying to contact me on the above email addresses the mail would bounce. Please contact me on my gmail ID

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