Create focal effect in photo editing in a smartphone

In this post we will learn how to create a focus over a certain portion of an image and blur the surrounding image. We will use the free image editing App Pixlr express for that. If you haven't already installed it, you can read more about it on this link 

I will update this post to add similar information using other photo editing Apps as well. 

So if you select the focal menu, your image will be opened in the focal edit mode as seen in the image below.

We see two concentric circles in the middle of the image. If you touch in the middle white spot you can drag it over other parts of the photo. Whereas the two circles can be stretched or shrinked separately by touching the periphery of the circles. 

There are two focus options displayed in the menu. Circular and linear. The linear option will create a focused area from left to the right across the image. You can also choose to make the surrounding portion more or less blurred by selecting the amount of blur from the "blurring" menu.

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