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How to root your Android Phone

A few days ago an antivirus company found out that several Chinese made android smartphones were carrying trojan virus as part of their pre-installed system software. Which I have reported in the last video I posted on my Youtube channel. If you haven't seen it, you can watch it now above. So even if an antivirus program detects them, it can not remove or delete them. I found one program on my Micromax Canvas 2.2  A114 smartphone, an App called GameHub which was detected by Avast as well as Malwarebytes as a Trojan However neither the antivirus programs could delete it, nor could I uninstall it from the phone. Because it was part of the system files preinstalled on the phone, and removing it needed root access. For that I needed to gain root access on my smartphone. It is called Rooting your smartphone in popular terms. I could not find any help on official Android forums or on Google's. Several search queries that came up searching for "root your android phon