Let's play Blow Things Up Part 1 & 2

It is fun to blow things up in. Not in real life though unless you are running a old buildings demolition company. You can get a taste of demolition fun with this nice little game called "Blow Things Up" which also has a sequel "Blow things Up2" which has a level Editor that means you can create your own levels. Blow things up2 has more characters with different properties. Blow Things Up2 is far much more interesting and fun to play than the first part.

There are no humans or animal characters in the game, so there is no graphic violence in this game to begin with.

It is a strategy game in the sense you got to select the correct location where you would place a bomb or bombs so that there is a desired impact as all the Red and other Evil (Things) Bouncy, heavy, firey etc Balls need to be knocked off the screen. While retaining the Yellow ones which are the nice ones.

It is a game created by Rob Donkin of robdonkin.com

There is a link to walkthrough for both the games embedded right in the games window. I have created an introductory video that you can watch below

Here are links to both the games



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