Let's play Car Ferry

Car Ferry is a casual Physics game coded by Yuri Sanachev of This game was developed under the group name "RedSlime Games" which seems to be inactive now. 

In this 35 Levels game you need to help a Car to go across the water by creating a Bridge. 

There are different objects that appear at the tip of your mouse pointer 
which you can drop by clicking once. If you drop these things in the 
correct locations, that will create the Bridge. 

The graphics are eye catching and the sound effects nice. There is also a background music which you can turn off it you like silence. 

This game is most suitable for kids in the age group (4 to 7) I guess. Although age is not a bar for enjoying a good online free computer game!

After playing one or two levels you will get the knack of it. Once you 
create the Bridge, you need to click on the Car to make it move.

If you are stuck at any level There is a "Tutorial" link at the left bottom 
corner of the game's window, which will open a new page with the video 
walkthroughs. There are two walkthroughs of the 35 levels. 

I have created an introductory video about this game that you can watch below

You can play this game from the link given below.

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