Let's play Rocket Science

Rocket Science is a casual physics game. This game is developed by Chris Underwood of in 2010. 

You can Drag and Rotate a Rocket within a box and aim it to get a perfect trajectory which is marked by a Dotted line. Once you click on the FIRE button all the Rockets will be blasted off. 

The Rockets can turn around the Blue surfaces, and they can push the Green objects. The Rockets will change their trajectory if they are placed at an angle close to each other as a Rocket's exhaust thrust can spin other Rockets. 

It is a game that does not rely on a particular answer. You can get a Bronze, a Silver or a Gold rating according to your Rocket's performance. You can improve your performance by playing a level again and again. 

It is a great game with a repeat play value. You may play it again and again and not get tired. Because with a slight variation of the Rocket's angle the trajectory and the final outcome changes. 

It is an ageless game, Kids as small as 4 years could play it well, and women and elderly people might find it stimulating. I would say kids in the age group (4-12) would like the game most. it is a free online game that should be available on most of the gaming sites. 

I have created an introductory video about this game that you can watch below.

You can play this game from the link below

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