Fruit words app by Noot Fang

In search of best apps for android smartphones on a subject, I installed and uninstalled dozens of apps and came up with the best available apps. In this article I will tell you about the best App in Educational Apps for the subject "Fruits and Vegetables" for small kids.

These are the virtues I found about this app.


0) This is  a FREE app. Many of the good quality apps create a free one just as a trailer or a demo of their commercial app. In this case the publisher has both the versions. But it seems he has abandoned development of his Commercial version in 2014, and concentrated on updating this free version of the app instead.
1) It has 121 flash cards. One of the highest number
2) It has good quality images. The images are prominently displayed in the middle of the screen. The pages can be swiped or arrow buttons can be used to flip pages.
3) The names are written in big letters below each image.
4) The audio quality of the pronunciation is good. The publisher has used different voices alternately which is good.
5) There is a book icon which displays a brief description about the fruit or the veggie in a text window.
6) You can bookmark cards as favorites so that you can just watch your favorites separately. There is a favorites menu in the main menu screen
7) There are Games - three of them, one is about listening to a name and finding its correct picture, another is listening to a name and identifying it's correct spelling. The third is looking at the picture and the name and pronouncing it in your smartphone. All games are good educational activities.


There are several permissions that this app seeks during installation, which might be seen as unnecessary for the functioning of the app. Security conscious people may find it daunting to allow all those permissions for an educational app.

You can read the details of the Permission this app seeks on its page n google play store. Here is a link to the app's page. Look under Additional Information - Permissions - View details.

I could have opted out of reviewing this app for security reasons, but this is the best free app I found therefore I decided to let you know about it.

Here is a video demonstrating the apps different features

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