Fruits and Vegetables by Premium Software

Today we will learn about an Educational App that introduces names of Fruits and Vegetables to kids. This app is developed by a company named "Premium software". This app includes flash card of 48 Fruits and 42 Vegetables.

You can install this App from the Play store in your Android phone. Search under the App menu for "Fruits and Vegetables Premium". You will find several names in the search results. Look for the one shown below in the picture.

If you touch the App's name in the search results, its introductory installation screen looks like the one below. Here you will be able to read more info about the App 

Good thing about this App is that it does not require any special permissions during installation. This is a matter to be noted, because quite often you will find that some Apps ask for a number of permissions which are really not necessary for the functioning of the App itself. The developers may have some other motives in it, particularly to exploit the installation on your smartphone to its maximum to gain advertizing revenue. in some cases someone maliciously may be able to steal your personal and confidential information form your smartphone. So one can not stress enough about the need to scrutinize the Permissions sought out by an App during installation. 

Below you can see a screenshot of the icon of the App

This is the opening screen of the App

You can see the App in action in the video below

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