Muscular Anatomy App

If you are a student of biology, medicine or just a curious enquirer, you will find Anatomy Muscles app quite interesting. It displays images and a description of the human muscular system.If you search for "Muscular Anatomy" under Apps category in your "Play Store" in your Android Phone, you will find this app is the most downloaded on this subject. There is another App which provides a 3D view. You cal also try that one, but in this article we will stick to this App.

These are the different categories displayed on the opening screen after the app is installed and opened

Let us look how it looks if I open the Face

There is a semi circular Arrow that will rotate the view in three angles, in Front, Side and Back. The Plus and Minus button allow you to Zoom in and out the image. The different muscular sections are marked with numbers. Each number has a title and detailed description given in the bottom panel. If you click on the Title of the text in the bottom panel you will get a pop up menu of all the numbers. Select one to read the detailed description. The text can be scrolled in the bottom panel. Thus the image stays always in the upper part while you can read its description in the lower panel. Quite a thoughtful App created keeping in mind the Students of this subject. If you are not a medical student and you just want to see the detailed imagery of the muscular anatomy then you can try the 3D app instead.  

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