Pinball Pro for Android

Pinball Pro by TerranDroid Board is one of the most downloaded Pinball games for Android. It has five different themes. Each theme offers a refreshing different pinball playing experience. There are great sound effects and also there is vibration feedback. Once you select a theme the game begins. You can press and release your finger anywhere on the screen to launch the ball. And you can control the flappers by touching anywhere on the left and the right portion of the screen. You will find it quite engaging game. This is one of the well made games than other ones in it's category.

You can install this game from the Play store in your Android phone. Search under the Games menu for "pinball pro". You will find several names in the search results. Look for the one shown below in the picture.

If you touch the Game's name in the search results, its introductory installation screen looks like the one below. Here you will be able to read more info about the game

This game asks for a few special permissions during installation. 

Below you can see a screenshot of the icon of the Game

This is the opening screen of the Game

You can see the Game in action in the video below

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