Programming for Kids Course 2 Artist Loops

Let us take a look at the seventh stage of the free programming course 2 on You can start  this course by signing in your account from the following link

In this stage you will learn how to draw different geometric shapes using programming Loops. If you master this stage you will be able to visualize and draw a number of beautiful patterns, diamond, circles, squares. In the following image you can see lines drawn at different angles

All the levels in this stage are self explanatory. But still if you feel stuck in any level you can see a solutions code on this page. Below you can see images of each level and it's code

In the following images you will see the initial image and the final image and the Code used in it. 

The last level in coding exercises is an empty canvas. You can draw anything you like using the technique you have learned so far. 

Next three levels are Question and Answers. You need to select the appropriate answer from the given options. I hope you will enjoy this Course in Code Studio

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