Programming for kids - Course2 Flappy Bird

This is the 16th stage in Code studio's Second course. You will be able to design a small game called Flappy Bird. You will find out how a game functions. The theme of this game is simple. There is a small bird and it will fly through different obstacles. It's flying can be controlled by a mouse click or a tap if you are playing it on a smartphone or a touch screen computer.

Different events of this game are "When Run", "When Click", "When Pass Obstacle", "When hit an obstacle" and "When hit ground". You can assign different code blocks to each of this event. And that is how the actions in the game will be determined. This stage has 10 levels. You are introduced to different events and asssociated action in these levels. You will then be able to design this game all by yourself in the last level. It is a fun activity. You might enjoy learning how a game works.

Below is a screen shot of the 10th level of this stage. You can click on the image to see an enlarged view.

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