Programming for kids - course 3 # Play Lab

Let us look at the Sixteenth stage of the Third course in code studio. This is a play lab. You can make cartoon characters to talk, move and interact. There are 6 levels in this stage. In the last level you can create an animated story of your own by choosing from different cartoon characters. You can then show this animation to your friends by sharing it online.

Below are the final images of each level along with the code needed to complete that level.

Level 1

Here we will make a cartoon dog say "hello world". You need to move the "say" block and then type in it.

Level 2

Here we will make both the cat and the dog say something. You can write it in the text box

Level 3

Here we will make the dog to move 100 pixels to the right towards the cat. You need to select the number of pixels form the drop down menu.

Level 4

Here we will make the dog move towards the cat 100 pixels, and when the dog touches the cat. We will make the cat say something. You need to choose the number of pixels as well as the text. 

Level 5

Here we can change the mood of the octopus. You can select the mood form the drop down menu.

Level 6

Here you are given a free hand to choose any character from a list of about six pictures and apply different action s to them. You can create an animated story of your own. 

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