Day night Switches by Walnut Innovations

Let us learn how to use/ test/ install a Day-night switch. A Day night switch is also called a Light Sensitive Switch. The main use of this switch is to automatically turn any electric appliance/ mainly Light bulbs On when it is evening and Turn them Off in the morning. Such a gadget can be very useful at a place where you have such a requirement such a Advertizing Billboard, Godowns, Farms/ Farm Houses etc.

Even in Homes you can use such a switch to turn on/off the lights of your Garden, Gate, Porch or the backyard. This will look particularly cool if you are living in a bunglow type house or a Row House etc. This type of switches are particularly suited for exterior lights.

I will be telling you about two type of switches from Walnut Innovations. An Indian company from Udaipur that makes these switches. Walnut innovations sells Industrial and Home Automation and Security products. Their products can be purchased in India from the online store on their website or any online shopping site like Amazon.

These switches need to be installed where they are exposed to ambient sunlight. The white switch is more suitable to be installed in a covered location where it won't be exposed to rains, whereas Walnut Innovations has a model (the black one) which they claim is waterproof.

These are good quality switches, with a single direction exposure to ambient light through a small aperture. The sensor turns the switch On when the light reaches below 20 Lux and switches Off when the light reaches above 35 Lux. They can tolerate a load upto 500 Watts. For higher loads you need to use external relays.

These switches are covered with one year warranty. Six months replacement warranty and another six months repair warranty. The company also provides technical assistance via telephone if needed.

I have explained how to test these switches, how to find a suitable spot for installing them and how to wire them, in a video below.

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