Learn Python easy way- Part1

From Today we will begin learning Python. Python is considered to be the easiest programming language. The way programming languages are taught, it makes unnecessarily boring. We will try to learn Python in a easier way.

There will be a video with each article. You will find the link for the video at the bottom of the article. If you come across any problems, you can ask me in comments.

You can download Python software from the link below

You will not find it difficult to install the software if you have installed any software before.

To open the program after the installation is complete, look in the Windows Menu, under "P"

If you click on the IDLE (Python..) the Pythn Shell will start. We will learn all our initial programming lessons in this Python Shell

When the Python Shell opens, it's icon starts appearing in the Windows taskbar. If you right click on the icon, you will see  "Pin to taskbar" . Select it so that this icon remains always in the taskbar, that will make it easier for you to open the program next time.

You can also create a Desktop shortcut. For that drag and drop it's menu icon from the Windows menu to the Desktop.

Apart from installing a Python software on your computer, you can also try to use a online compiler for Python like the one shown below. Here is a compiler from

I like this compiler. You can make change to the code and run it in the browser without need to have an account on the website. It will ask you to create a fork of the code at first. If you want to save the changes in the code, then you need to log in to your own free account on, otherwise ignore the message and play with the code.

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