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The HC-05 Bluetooth Module with Arduino

Using Bluetooth module with Arduino Hello friends, let us learn how to connect a HC-05 Bluetooth Transmitter/ Receiver module with a Arduino Uno. And use it to communicate with a mobile smartphone to turn on/ off electrical load/equipment/light connected to the Arduino through a Relay. The HC-05 I purchased this module from Amazon India. You can also find one for your self on this link.

Code Studio Course C 2018 Lesson 2 # Programming with Angry birds

After making a series of videos and articles on Code studio courses two years ago, I noticed that kids are still looking at the videos and visiting the articles as they appear in Google search. I also noticed that they are looking for the newer version of Code Studio courses. The latest version being (2018) as their 2019 version is still in development. Not to leave them disappointed when they visit one of my blog articles of Code studio courses, I am making pages for the latest version of these courses. I am starting from Course C (2018) and cover as many courses as are available on Code Org. I hope you will like it as much as you did the previous versions.   Although it is very easy and self explainatory, for the sake of continuity, I will cover this Lesson too.  These images are as big as they can be on my laptop. You can click on the images to view them enlarged if you need to. I welcome if you send me feedback in case you want to say something about this article. Code Studi