Scratch Games - Save the Bird

Easy way of learning Scratch programming is to create Games in Scratch. I will show you how to create a game in Scratch. In this game you will see a bird flying across the screen, it will randomly  lay droppings. You need to prevent the droppings from falling on the ground. There is a dustbin on the ground which you can move using the Right and the Left Arrow keys. Follow the bird for 30 seconds and collect the droppings as best as you can. If the droppings hits the ground, a lightening strikes at random location, it may hit the bird, and the game stops. If you manage to keep the bird alive for 30 seconds, you win.

Scratch Games - Breaking Watermelons

Let us learn Scratch by creating a small yet interesting and engaging game. We will use the available sprites in the Sprites library. We will need two sprites one that of a Watermelon and another that of a stone/ rock. Both the images are available in the library.

The stone/ rock sprite has only one image in it. The watermelon sprite has three images. I have duplicated half melon image and edited it so as to look like two pieces of a Watermelon that has broken due to impact.

Scratch Program - Jump Jump

I created the above program to introduce Scratch Programming to by Blog Readers. It is a simple program. When you press the Green flag, the letters of the word SCRATCH start jumping with a musical sound. They will stop if you press the Red button. And the letters Reset to original location if you press Spacebar.

Scratch Program - Enlarge and Color Change

If I am not mistaken most of you already know or have heard about the Scratch programming language from MIT. I will be explaining the use of scratch editor for creating interesting programs in Scratch beginning from this article. 

Hour of Code - Frozen with Anna and Elsa

 In this hour of code exercise "Code with Anna and Elsa" you will learn to draw different geomoetric shapes on ice. There are a total of 20 levels. I will show you the initial and the final images and the code required for completing each level. Try to complete this hour of code on your own from the link below. In case you need help you can look at the code on this page.

It is a fun to play the Frozen - Code with Anna and Elsa. It is good for kids 6 years and older who will learn basics of programming with this interesting Frozen theme.