Arduino Digital Button with Pullup and Pulldown resistors

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Let us learn how a Pushbutton works on an Arduino's board. We will program the Arduino so that It can send a signal to a LED whenever the push button is pressed.

We can make the LED turn on with the press of the button, and with some rearrangement of components and the program we can make the LED turn off when the button is pressed.

Control a Servo with a Pot

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Today we will learn how to control a RC Servo motor (9g) with a Linear Taper potentiometer 10 K and the Arduino Uno board.

Arduino Digital - Blink Without Delay

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Let us take a look at the example in Arduino's IDE. This is in  Digital - BlinkWithoutDelay.

Arduino Basics - ReadAnalogVoltage

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Today we will look at yet another example in Arduino Basics. It is called ReadAnalogVoltage. You can find this program in the File - Examples - Basics.

If you have ever used a multimeter to check voltage across an electronics circuit, you can think of this experiment as a simulator of the same.

Arduino Basics - solderless electronic Breadboards

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Let us look at the currently available commonly used breadboards here in India. You can see in the above image four breadboards of different sizes. The bigger ones are of Full size, the one on the left is Half size, the one at the top left corner is the Mini size.