Creating Game in Scratch - Feeding a Shark

Let us create a game in Scratch. This game has a Shark in it. As you move your mouse pointer across the screen, the shark seems to follow the pointer. There are several sea creatures and fish appearing randomly on the screen. When the shark touches a fish, the fish disappears and the shark grows in size. It is a small growth. But after some time you will notice it growing. After growing a certain amount, a message displays that the shark is not more hungry, and the game is over.

Let me explain how to create this game.

I will explain the basic of this game, you can add extras later.

I have used a blue colored sprite as a background, an image of a shark and a small fish.
The background sprite is enlarged and it moves with the mouse movement, while the shark stays in the middle. This creates the effect that the shark is moving. The fish also moves in the same way as the background sprite. In the same way all the background images move.

You can look at the coding by clicking on "See Inside" button on this link

Creating a Game in Scratch - Coconut Catcher

Coconut catcher is an easy game made in Scratch. You can move the monkey with the Left and Right arrow keys and catch as many coconuts as you can within 30 seconds.

I will explain below how to created this game.

Creating a game - Play Marbles

We all love to play marbles. Well most of you may have played it at some or other time in your childhood.  Let us try to re-create the magic of playing glass marbles. 

Creating a game - Sun and Rain.

Ever thought of making it rain whenever you wanted to. Well here is your chance to do so. Start the game above and shoot pieces of watermelons to the sun. The sun is feeling very hot. If you feed him at least 10 pieces of melons, then it will start to rain. You only have 20 pieces of melon in your stock. If the melons hit a cloud then they are lost. So watch the movement of the clouds carefully and press spacebar only when you are sure your melon would reach the sun. Happy raining.

All the sprites used in this game are taken from the sprites library, except the rain drops. You could easily draw them in the sprites editor. The rain sound is also not part of the sounds library.

Please feel free to go through the coding in the project's homepage.

Creating a game - Cannon and Balls

Let us create our first projectile launching game in Scratch. Don't be scared,, We will be up and shooting our balls from our cannon within a few minutes.