Learn Python Easy Way Part 4 (Lists)

Let us continue from where we left in the last article. We will see some more ways to work with lists in Python

Finding numbers of items in a list

mylist = ['Dehli', 'Washington', 'Tokyo']

Learn Python Easy Way - Part 3

We will look at the sequential data types in Python. They are Strings, Lists and Tuples. You can access a single character in a string by its index.

For Example

Saying = "A Friend in need in a Friend indeed"
print(Saying[0], Saying[3], Saying[4],Saying[7])
A r i d

Sanskrit words for Waterproofing

I have recently become interested in Sanskrit. I am amazed and delighted to find out that Sanskrit has many words that carry the meanings for which we use English words in Indian languages. I will list some interesting words in Sanskrit in this series of articles.

Learn Python Easy way - Example 3 - Find smallest and largest of given numbers

Let us create a easy example in Python to find out smaller of the two numbers. We will ask the user to input two numbers and then compare them and print out the result.

I have given my logic below, you can do the same program in different ways. Try to make changes to the following code if you have a different algorithm in mind

Learn Python easy way - Example 2 Numerology

Let us take a simple program in Python to appreciate the language. We will take the date of birth as user input, then we will add all the digits in the date to a single digit and then we will show the Numerology Life path according to the number.

Enter the date of birth inside the black panel, without using any separators like dash or slashes.