Jellydad Hero Arcade Game

This is a great entertainer that can keep you engaged for hours in its 30+ levels. You can play it on your favorite gaming sites as it can be found on many online gaming sites. If you have created an account on your site then you can save the levels that you have completed.
This game can entertain kids, children, adults and senior citizens equally. There are several walkthroughs available on Youtube if you ever get stuck. You can watch this game in action below

You can play this game from the link below

Interlocked 3D puzzle

Interlocked is a great 3D Puzzle. There are 20 levels that is 20 different puzzles to play. It is a 3D game so you can drag the object to view it in 3D. You need to study how the blocks are attached, interlocked to each other and then try to drag its pieces apart. You need to press space bar so that the mouse pointer changes in a hand that will allow you to move the blocks. Pressing the space bar again will change the mouse pointer to a circular shape and you can rotate the object.
There is a walkthrough available, Just click on the question mark at the top of the screen and it will open a walkthrough video in a new tab.  You can watch the introductory video below

You can play this game on the link below

Round Man - free online game

Round Man is a stack demolition game. You will see stacked wooden blocks and a ball ( the Round Man) at the top. You are provided with one or more Bombs, that you need to place near the wooden blocks and then click Start. That will explode the bombs. The wooden blocks will shake and fall down depending on where you put those bombs. You r goal is to make the ball ( the Round man) fall below the dotted line but should not go out of the bottom panel. After a few tries you will get an idea of the physics of this game. You can watch a few levels of this game in the video.

You can play the game from the link below

Jakes Scate Escape - Disney Games

Jakes Scate Escape is a simple and easy game to play for kids. This is an entry level game. It requires you to press the spacebar which makes Jakes Scate to jump. Watch the screen and jump when you see an obstacle. You can watch this game in the video
You can play this game from the link below.

Staries Game

Staries is a Match-3 type game. You need to match 3 stars of the same color horizontally or vertically. This game has a peaceful game-play. Kids as small as 3 to 4 years can play this game easily. Adults and senior citizen can find this a good game to pass time. Girls and women would also find this game enjoyable.

You can watch this game in the video below.

You can play this game from the link below