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Creating Games in Scratch for ICSE Class 6

An Introduction to Creating Games in Scratch  for ICSE Class 6 Hello friends, I hope you have already read the previous post on An Introduction to Scratch programming for ICSE Class 5. We will not and need not repeat the things that you learnt in the previous lesson. So we will build upon what we already learnt in the previous lesson. Scratch is a good software to make Animations, Stories, Games, Music and Drawing and so on. We will learn briefly the tools available in Scratch to do all these things. We will also need to stick to the scope of the Syllabus that ICSE board has prescribed for your class, so we can not go overboard. We will stick to just enough information that can be useful in your school exams. I hope things are clear to you by now. Components of the Scratch Editor  I will not repeat this section as we have seen it in pretty much detail in the previous lesson. If you like you can read it from this link. Adding Backdrop on the Stage The stage is the a

Introduction to Scratch Programming for ICSE Class 5

ICSE Class 5 Computer Studies This lesson will give students a brief introduction to Scratch programming. I am using Scratch3 Desktop software on Windows computer. The lesson is created according to ICSE syllabus for Class 5th. Introduction to Scratch Software Scratch is a block based visual programming language. Blocks are the puzzle piece shapes that are used to code in Scratch. The current version of this software is Scratch 3. Scratch has an online editor on their website, which can be run directly in the browser or you can download and install the editor on your computer and run it from there. Open the Scratch If you have installed Scratch on your computer, you will see an icon of Scratch on the Desktop. Double click on it to start the Scratch Editor. As you can see in the above image. The Scratch Screen is divided into several sections. The leftmost area is called “Block Palette”. It contains color-coded block categories. When you click on