Let's play Car Ferry

Car Ferry is a casual Physics game coded by Yuri Sanachev of This game was developed under the group name "RedSlime Games" which seems to be inactive now. 


Let's play Rocket Science

Rocket Science is a casual physics game. This game is developed by Chris Underwood of in 2010. 

You can Drag and Rotate a Rocket within a box and aim it to get a perfect trajectory which is marked by a Dotted line. Once you click on the FIRE button all the Rockets will be blasted off. 

The Rockets can turn around the Blue surfaces, and they can push the Green objects. The Rockets will change their trajectory if they are placed at an angle close to each other as a Rocket's exhaust thrust can spin other Rockets. 

It is a game that does not rely on a particular answer. You can get a Bronze, a Silver or a Gold rating according to your Rocket's performance. You can improve your performance by playing a level again and again. 

It is a great game with a repeat play value. You may play it again and again and not get tired. Because with a slight variation of the Rocket's angle the trajectory and the final outcome changes. 

It is an ageless game, Kids as small as 4 years could play it well, and women and elderly people might find it stimulating. I would say kids in the age group (4-12) would like the game most. it is a free online game that should be available on most of the gaming sites. 

I have created an introductory video about this game that you can watch below.

You can play this game from the link below


Let's play Blow Things Up Part 1 & 2

It is fun to blow things up in. Not in real life though unless you are running a old buildings demolition company. You can get a taste of demolition fun with this nice little game called "Blow Things Up" which also has a sequel "Blow things Up2" which has a level Editor that means you can create your own levels. Blow things up2 has more characters with different properties. Blow Things Up2 is far much more interesting and fun to play than the first part.

There are no humans or animal characters in the game, so there is no graphic violence in this game to begin with.

It is a strategy game in the sense you got to select the correct location where you would place a bomb or bombs so that there is a desired impact as all the Red and other Evil (Things) Bouncy, heavy, firey etc Balls need to be knocked off the screen. While retaining the Yellow ones which are the nice ones.

It is a game created by Rob Donkin of

There is a link to walkthrough for both the games embedded right in the games window. I have created an introductory video that you can watch below

Here are links to both the games


Let's Play Magnetic Rush

Magnetic Rush is an all time favorite game. It has two round magnets. 
It is played by Up and Down Arrow keys. 
Up Arrow or (P)- Attracts the magnets 
Down Arrow or (L) - Repulse the magnets

These magnets are placed in different situations. As you attract or repulse the magnets, they start moving over metal, wooden, cement and brick objects. There are wooden boxes which can be pushed around.

There are two rotating circles which are the final destinations of these magnets. You need to take each magnet to one of these circles, then the level ends. 
There is a background score, which you can turn off if you want a silent play. There are sound effects, and visual effects as there is spark generated when the magnets screech on the metal surfaces.

It is an intelligent game. If puzzles is your thing, you would not want to miss this one. This is one of those games which you must play at least once in your life.

There is a Solution link at the top of the screen which will open a new page with the video walkthrough. I have created an introductory video of this game . You can watch it below

You can play this game form the link below

Let's play Frost Fysics

There you see an Octagonal Smiley bumping it's way towards a yellow star. But the Smiley and all other objects are frozen. And you need to click on them before they come alive and start moving or falling down. 

Frost Fysics (remember it is FYSICS) is a Winter themed game created by   Nicholas Pearce of His company is named (npgames) and he has chosen a domain name that suits to his name.

There is a suitable background music and the sound effects. You can turn On/Off any of these if that makes you feel comfortable. The sound effect of ice breaking tingles in your ears, particularly in the hot summer in India, it is Cool to play Frost Fysics. 

I have also created an introductory video for this game that you can watch below


You can play this game on Nicholas's website below


Review of Color Joy game by Gibton

This is a fun little entry level game that even novice players can feel comfortable with.
There are colored Circular and Square shapes that need to be taken to their homes.
Each shape has its own home of the same color which looks like rotating concentric circles.
These shapes are placed on different supporting objects some of whom are colored Light Blue.
These Light Blue objects disappear if you click on them.
You need to determine the succession of the Light Blue objects which you can click on so that the  Shapes can find their way back home.
You can watch the game in action in the following video

You can play the game from the link below


Bloxorz by Damien Clarke

Bloxorz is one of the games that caught my attention. If I will make a list of all the unique
games in the world then this game would be one of them.

The Australian games developer Damien Clarke of has created this game
in 2007 and tt has been widely received since.

The gameplay is simple, there is a metal block that you can roll using the four arrow keys.
You need to roll your way to the exit. There are round and X shaped switches. The round
switch gets activated even if the block touches horizontally. Whereas the X shaped switches
will only be activated if the block stands on it vertically.

There are tiles for the block to move on. There are orange tiles, the block can not stand
vertically over one of the orange tiles or the tile would break, so you need to roll the block
horizontally over the orange tiles.

The rest of the levels are pretty interesting and there are more instructions given at the beginning of the game.

Each level has a passcode, you can note it down in case if you want to directly access that
level in future.

You can watch the game in action in this video

You can play this game from the link given below.


Soul Shift game

The lead developer of this game is (vogd V) Zaletov Dmitriy Vasilevich.
This is a game of exchange. You can exchange the positions of any two shapes in this game by consecutively clicking on them.
You will see green and red colored square and circles. Your goal is to eliminate all the red shapes from the screen.
This is a game of Physics and Strategy whereas in some levels your skill in clicking on moving objects will also count.
There are red colored barrels which will explode if you click on them.

You can watch how to play this game in the video below.

You can play this game from the link given below


Flow Colors Game

This is a leisure game that people of all ages can play. It has so many levels that you can spend days and days playing it.
There is a chess like board whose dimensions can be chosen before the game begins. You will see bright colors circles randomly placed on the board in pairs. You need to create a link between two circles of  the same color, but no two paths can cross each other.
This is a visually appeasing strategy game.
You can watch the game in action in the video below.

And if you like the game you can lay your hands on it from the link below


iDroo real time whiteboard

iDroo is an online real time whiteboard. You can use it on any computer connected to internet and also on Android phones. You can create a page which will have a unique URL, which you can send to your friends, and then whatever you draw and write on it will be immediately visible to your friends. They can also in turn make changes to the page, if you wish so.
There are several drawing tools available, and you can also upload any file or image from your computer and then display it on that page.
It is a really great idea if you have a group in which you need to discuss sketches and drawings etc. There is also an option to show text messages within the group. The drawings are saved online, but I am not sure if you can download it and save it on your hard disk.
You can create an account easily if you have any of the accounts on Facebook, Google or Windows Live. You can try your hand on iDroo whiteboard on the link below.

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