Let's play Pilot Heroes

Pilot Heroes is a fast paced game of concentration. You get to fly an airplane in each level. You can guide the plane with the Left and the right Arrow keys. The type of plane and the terrain changes in different levels. It is amazing to see how the look and feel of the game changes with every level. Each level lasts for about a minute. You need to complete as much as of the given task, that will give you points and a grade. This game can be played in your computer's browser and can be played in your smartphone.


Let's play Ski Safari

Ski Safari is a fun to play stunt game. Even 4 year olds could play this game easily. It can be played with only one key that is the spacebar. Alternatively you can use the Up arrow key.

You need to escape from the avalanche that is following you on the snowy mountain. You are escaping on a ski. There are other animals such as Penguins and Yetis and machines such as snow mobile that you will come across on your way. If you can catch them by jumpng on them, you will be able to go faster. You need also to jump to aviod any obstacles that come in your way.


Let's play Beast Quest

Beast Quest is an Adventure Game. In this game you get to play the part of a boy who tries to save his country from an evil spell. He needs to fight wolves and different monsters, find hidden treasures collect herbal medicinal plants and different hidden objects while finding his way around his Snowy


Let's play Red Beard

Red Beard is an interesting platform game on It can be played with left and right arrow keys and spacebar to jump. The Up and Down Arrow keys can be used to view more of the game's background. It is easy to play still exiting.

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