On this page I will list my favorite online and some downloadable games and educational activities for kids. Each link opens a separate blog article with information and gameplay video and the link for the Game. Enjoy.

Entry Level Games

- Where is Marcelino hiding
The Flying seeds
The Rain Game
Pick a pretty bunch of flowers
Jakes Scate Escape
Count The Cubes
Fruit Collection

Adventure Games

Arcade Games

Jellydad Hero
Next Please
Red Beard
Ski Safari
Pilot Heroes
Gold Fishing

Board Game

Concentration Games

Creative Game

Tree sculptures

Demolition Games

Blow things up

Match3 Games

Memory Games

Racing Games

Observation Game

Puzzle Games

Soul Shift
Color Joy
Frost Fysics
Magnetic Rush
Rocket Science
Car Ferry

Tic Tac Toe

The Clever Beaver

Word Games

Jumpstart Buzzwords

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