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I am listing articles on free programming courses for kids  here Code Studio Courses

Below you will find coding solutions of each level of every stage in the courses. Use it as quick reference when solving the levels at code studio in I have not included course 1 here as it is easy enough for you to complete on your own.

Course 2

Games Programming

Create Games with Scratch

  1. Breaking Watermelons : A simple game. Throw stone at a Watermelon to break it into two. 
  2. Save the Bird : Save a bird from lightening strikes. Help it survive by collecting the droppings it makes for 30 seconds. Keep your surrounding Clean.
  3. Moneycopter : A fun game inspired by Agusta-Westland Helicopter deal. Throw stones at the Helicopter to collect bundles of cash. Collect as many as you can in 30 seconds.
  4. Moneycopter V2 : An improved version of Moneycopter. Gravity effect added to the trajectory. The cat can jump using Up arrow. No background image or timer. 
  5. Bird Feeder simulation : This is a simulation of two birds feeding next to a bird feeder. A cat appears at random duration and scares the birds away. The birds fly away and come back again to feed. A delightful sequence to watch. The bird's movement is also randomized. 
  6. Cannon and Balls : Create your first projectile launching game. One ball at a time or a barrage of balls. 
  7. Sun and Rain : Create a game to make rain fall by feeding pieces of watermelon to the sun. Avoid hitting the moving clouds. 
  8. Let's Play Marbles : Create the magic of playing with glass marbles with this two level marble playing simulation/ game. 

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