Create focal effect in photo editing in a smartphone

In this post we will learn how to create a focus over a certain portion of an image and blur the surrounding image. We will use the free image editing App Pixlr express for that. If you haven't already installed it, you can read more about it on this link 

I will update this post to add similar information using other photo editing Apps as well. 

So if you select the focal menu, your image will be opened in the focal edit mode as seen in the image below.

We see two concentric circles in the middle of the image. If you touch in the middle white spot you can drag it over other parts of the photo. Whereas the two circles can be stretched or shrinked separately by touching the periphery of the circles. 

There are two focus options displayed in the menu. Circular and linear. The linear option will create a focused area from left to the right across the image. You can also choose to make the surrounding portion more or less blurred by selecting the amount of blur from the "blurring" menu.

Vibrance in photo editing with Pixlr Express

Let us look at the Vibrance option in Pixlr Express. Pixlr Express is a free image editing App for Smartphones. If you haven't installed it already, you can read more about it on this link.

This is the edit mode of Vibrance. With the slider pointing at 0. You can move it to left or to right to decrease or increase the value.

This is the effect on Vibrance value (-50)

This is the effect on Vibrance value 50

So, see it for yourself. 


Artistic photo effects on Smartphones

In this post we will look at the stylize menu of Pixlr Express. Pixlr Express is a free photo editing App for Smartphones. If you are new to Pixlr Express, please read the earlier posts form this link

We can see the stylize menu in the above image. If you select it, the image will open in the stylize edit mode. Here is a screenshot of different options that are available in the stylize mode. There are more options visible if you scroll the menu .


Creating Splash effect in Photos on smartphones

Creating a Splash effect in a photo on your smartphone can be a enthusiasm booster to those who like to post their selfies or snapshots often online. This effect allows you to select a portion of your photo and then process the image to keep only that color and remove other colors from different portions of the photo. This effect can be quite amusing if you have a photo with patches of distinct colors.


Rotating an image in Pixlr Express

In the previous article we saw how to crop an image in Pixlr Express. One more handy tool is to rotate the image the way we want to.

The adjacent image shows the icon for rotate in the spread of Pixlr Express "Adjustment" menu

If you touch it, the image will open in the rotate mode.

Cropping an image in Pixlr Express

In the last post we saw how you can use the smartphones camera to take photo from within the Pixlr Express. So now we will see how to use the different editing options.
Let us do some cropping today. I have taken a screenshot to show you the crop menu icon in Pixlr express.

Using Camera in Pixlr Express

You can use the camera of your smartphone right within the Pixlr Express to take a snapshot or a selfie. If you select the "camera" menu option if the opening screen of Pixlr Express you will notice that the camera of your smartphone is activated. The white button at the bottom of the screen allows you to take the snapshot.

Now we will look at the screen after you pressed the camera button. You see two options here. If you do not like the photo, you can discard it and take new photo by pressing on "Retake".
However if you want to keep the photo, you can press on "Use Photo", which will then open the photo in Edit mode.

Here is the photo in the Edit mode in Pixlr Express.

We will look at different editing options in Pixlr Express in the next post.

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Pixlr Express - Introduction

In next few posts we will look at an excellent free photo editing Application available all types of Smartphones by the famous software firm AutoDesk.

You can get it by searching for Pixlr Express in the App Finder in your smartphone, and install it.

In this image we look at the opening screen of Pixlr Express. There are three menu options. camera, photos and collage.

The camera option will open the camera of your smartphone and after clicking a selfie, you can straight take it to edit it in Pixlr Express. If you already have some images stored in the folder in your smartphone, you can open it from the "photos" menu. Whereas the third option lets you make a collage from the images stored on your smartphone.

Look at the circular icon at the top left corner of the image, touch it to open a notice from AutoDesk, assuming your permission to collect Usage Data.

You can see the Green Slider button at the bottom of the screen, which you can slide left if you do not wish AutoDesk to collect your usage data.

We will look at all the menu options in this App in the forthcoming posts. Keep reading...

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