Creating a Game in Scratch - Coconut Catcher

Coconut catcher is an easy game made in Scratch. You can move the monkey with the Left and Right arrow keys and catch as many coconuts as you can within 30 seconds.

I will explain below how to created this game.


Creating a game - Play Marbles

We all love to play marbles. Well most of you may have played it at some or other time in your childhood.  Let us try to re-create the magic of playing glass marbles. 


Creating a game - Sun and Rain.

Ever thought of making it rain whenever you wanted to. Well here is your chance to do so. Start the game above and shoot pieces of watermelons to the sun. The sun is feeling very hot. If you feed him at least 10 pieces of melons, then it will start to rain. You only have 20 pieces of melon in your stock. If the melons hit a cloud then they are lost. So watch the movement of the clouds carefully and press spacebar only when you are sure your melon would reach the sun. Happy raining.

All the sprites used in this game are taken from the sprites library, except the rain drops. You could easily draw them in the sprites editor. The rain sound is also not part of the sounds library.

Please feel free to go through the coding in the project's homepage.



Creating a game - Cannon and Balls

Let us create our first projectile launching game in Scratch. Don't be scared,, We will be up and shooting our balls from our cannon within a few minutes.


Implementing gravity in Scratch

In this small project we will create gravitational fall effect on different objects. Three objects are taken from the sprites library. The Apple will bounce if pressed "a" key. It is the heaviest object in this project. The Yellow colored ball bounces after pressing "b" key, it is lighter than the apple. And the purple colored baloon willl bounce if pressed "c" key. It is the lightest object in this project. You can see the coding done for this project in the project's homepage on MIT's website.



Bird Feeder simulation in Scratch

Here is a simulation of birds feeding which are scared away randomly by a cat. The duration between  appearance of the cat, the movement of the birds are randomized. It is a simulation to watch, you do not need to do anything in it. Just press the start button and watch.

The coding done for this simulation can be studied on the project's homepage on MIT's website.


Moneycopter V2

This is an improved version of the Moneycopter Game. The cat can now jump with the Up arrow key, apart from movement with Left and Right arrow keys.

The cat's jumo and the stone throw has a trajectory affected by gravity. I have removed the background image and the timer, so that you can enjoy the game as long as you want without interruption or distraction.

You can see the coding done in this game on the project's homepage at MIT's website.



Creating a game - Moneycopter

Let us create a fun game in scratch. In this game there is a Helicopter flying at the upper portion of the game window. Left- Right-Left all the time. 

There is the Scratch Cat that can move with the Left and the Right Arrow keys. Press Spacebar and it will throw a stone upwards. If that stone hits the Helicopter, then a thud noise will be heard and a bundle of notes drops from the helicopter. Collect that bundle. Don't let it fall on the ground. The game lasts only for 30 seconds. Collect as many millions as you can. 

You can see all the coding used in this game on the project's homepage on MIT's scratch website on the link below.


Creating a game - Save the Bird

Easy way of learning Scratch programming is to create Games in Scratch. I will show you how to create a game in Scratch. In this game you will see a bird flying across the screen, it will randomly  lay droppings. You need to prevent the droppings from falling on the ground. There is a dustbin on the ground which you can move using the Right and the Left Arrow keys. Follow the bird for 30 seconds and collect the droppings as best as you can. If the droppings hits the ground, a lightening strikes at random location, it may hit the bird, and the game stops. If you manage to keep the bird alive for 30 seconds, you win.


Creating a game - Breaking Watermelons

Let us learn Scratch by creating a small yet interesting and engaging game. We will use the available sprites in the Sprites library. We will need two sprites one that of a Watermelon and another that of a stone/ rock. Both the images are available in the library.

The stone/ rock sprite has only one image in it. The watermelon sprite has three images. I have duplicated half melon image and edited it so as to look like two pieces of a Watermelon that has broken due to impact.

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