Creating secure passwords

Creating secure passwords that would not be easily detected, and still be able for you to remember is a difficult task. I try to give some tips on making secure and yet memorable passwords. For that, first you have to create an algorithm (a pattern) of your own. Then you use that pattern to create a password for yourself. I will tell you how to create a simple algorithm(a pattern).

Let us suppose we need to change our passwords once a month. Then we can choose to use the names of each month in the passwords.
For example we use "september" as our password.
But how to make it secure?
For that you can mix it with some numbers. Make your unique choice of numbers , for mixing in the name. Say for example 1,2,3
Now we have a name, and some numbers.
Now there is one more thing we can do to make it strong is to mix capital and small letters.

So here are some possible combinations for a password.

sEp1tEm2bEr3 (see, this password contains september, and 123)

If you look closely each password has a definit cyclic pattern. So all that you need to remember is the pattern of your choice and the name and numbers you mixed in it. So you need not remember the whole password.

Now as you can see, this password is pretty strong and you should still be able to remember it easily. You can create a lot of passwords by using the combinations of the names you easily remember, and the numbers you choose. You can choose a single pattern of your choice for all your passwords and create different passwords using a combination of different names and numbers.

These are the simpler passwords. You can get help of an automatic password generating program to help you to create longer and more secure passwords (but difficult to memorize)

SourceForge has one such program called PW Gen which is distributed under GPL general public license. You can download and use if freely. It helps you to create 32bits to 2048 bits long passwords. It means 6 characters long to 342 characters long password which includes A-Z, a-z,0-9, and all special characters like /?-+ etc
Create passwords as complex according to your needs.
Link To PW Gen
Link T0 SourceForge

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