Creating Splash effect in Photos on smartphones

Creating a Splash effect in a photo on your smartphone can be a enthusiasm booster to those who like to post their selfies or snapshots often online. This effect allows you to select a portion of your photo and then process the image to keep only that color and remove other colors from different portions of the photo. This effect can be quite amusing if you have a photo with patches of distinct colors.

I will use the free photo editing app called Pixlr Express for this. If you haven't installed it already then you can do so by reading the post on this link.

The upper image shows the "adjustment" menu in Pixlr Express. The you can select the "splash" menu as displayed above.

This is the image of a photo opened in the splash mode. Now all that you need to do is to touch the image to select the color that you like to keep in your image. You will see a small rectangle at the tip of your finger where you touch the screen, it will display the selected color, and then only those parts of the image having that color will be displayed and  other portions will be grayed out.

I have made three different color selections on the image above, and each of them is displayed separately below. That will give you an idea of the way the splash menu works.

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