Cropping an image in Pixlr Express

In the last post we saw how you can use the smartphones camera to take photo from within the Pixlr Express. So now we will see how to use the different editing options.
Let us do some cropping today. I have taken a screenshot to show you the crop menu icon in Pixlr express.

Here is the image in the Crop mode in Pixlr Express. You will see a grid over the image and the Free mode is active. You can touch the grid from any of the corners and drag it over the image to choose the portion that you want to keep. As you drag the grid, the selected portion will be normal where the unselected portion will be fainted out.

That is the Free mode. There are several modes such as square,  4x3, 4x6 and 16x9. They select the image in that scale. Try them if you find it convenient to use any of them.

In this image you see the middle portion of the image selected using the grid. If you compare this image with the previous one, you will see that the rest of the image is fainted out.

Once you are satisfied with your selection, you can press the "apply" menu at the bottom of the screen.
That will instantly crop the image and only the selected portion of the image will be visible on your screen.
For your convenience, the Adjustment menu is opened, so that you can continue working on the image.

Here in this image you can see the cropped/ selected portion of your image in full screen.
Now if you want to save the image, there is an menu option called "save" at the top right corner of the screen. Which will further bring up three options. If you want to save the image in it's current size, then you should select the middle menu option called "current size"
Then you will see a message for a brief interval stating that your image has been saved to your camera roll.
You will then find this saved image in the folder on your smartphone whenever you need it.
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