Pixlr Express - Introduction

In next few posts we will look at an excellent free photo editing Application available all types of Smartphones by the famous software firm AutoDesk.

You can get it by searching for Pixlr Express in the App Finder in your smartphone, and install it.

In this image we look at the opening screen of Pixlr Express. There are three menu options. camera, photos and collage.

The camera option will open the camera of your smartphone and after clicking a selfie, you can straight take it to edit it in Pixlr Express. If you already have some images stored in the folder in your smartphone, you can open it from the "photos" menu. Whereas the third option lets you make a collage from the images stored on your smartphone.

Look at the circular icon at the top left corner of the image, touch it to open a notice from AutoDesk, assuming your permission to collect Usage Data.

You can see the Green Slider button at the bottom of the screen, which you can slide left if you do not wish AutoDesk to collect your usage data.

We will look at all the menu options in this App in the forthcoming posts. Keep reading...

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