Bloxorz by Damien Clarke

Bloxorz is one of the games that caught my attention. If I will make a list of all the unique
games in the world then this game would be one of them.

The Australian games developer Damien Clarke of has created this game
in 2007 and tt has been widely received since.

The gameplay is simple, there is a metal block that you can roll using the four arrow keys.
You need to roll your way to the exit. There are round and X shaped switches. The round
switch gets activated even if the block touches horizontally. Whereas the X shaped switches
will only be activated if the block stands on it vertically.

There are tiles for the block to move on. There are orange tiles, the block can not stand
vertically over one of the orange tiles or the tile would break, so you need to roll the block
horizontally over the orange tiles.

The rest of the levels are pretty interesting and there are more instructions given at the beginning of the game.

Each level has a passcode, you can note it down in case if you want to directly access that
level in future.

You can watch the game in action in this video

You can play this game from the link given below.

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