iDroo real time whiteboard

iDroo is an online real time whiteboard. You can use it on any computer connected to internet and also on Android phones. You can create a page which will have a unique URL, which you can send to your friends, and then whatever you draw and write on it will be immediately visible to your friends. They can also in turn make changes to the page, if you wish so.
There are several drawing tools available, and you can also upload any file or image from your computer and then display it on that page.
It is a really great idea if you have a group in which you need to discuss sketches and drawings etc. There is also an option to show text messages within the group. The drawings are saved online, but I am not sure if you can download it and save it on your hard disk.
You can create an account easily if you have any of the accounts on Facebook, Google or Windows Live. You can try your hand on iDroo whiteboard on the link below.

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