Let's play Beast Quest

Beast Quest is an Adventure Game. In this game you get to play the part of a boy who tries to save his country from an evil spell. He needs to fight wolves and different monsters, find hidden treasures collect herbal medicinal plants and different hidden objects while finding his way around his Snowy

It is amazing to see how much the gaming world has developed that you can play a game with such an elaborate graphics on your computer's browser online for FREE. This game also has versions for iPads and Android phones.

Make sure to create a Free account on, so whatever game you have played is saved and you get to play right from where you left at the last time. This way you can enjoy the game at your own pace and leisure.

I have created an introductory video about this game that you can watch below

One more things I would like to point out here, it is not possible and feasible for most of the kids to purchase every game they want to play therefore on my channel All the games reviewed are FREE. In some of the games I found out that though the main game is free, they ask you for real money when you try to add on or upgrade some of the items inside the game. Beware of such games and to not fall prey to their tactics.

There are plenty of totally free games out there and I bring one of them to you everyday.

This game can be played for many many days. There are so many things in it. So there is a separate Tips and Tricks video for it, which you can watch from the link below.

You can play the game itself from the link below

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