Programming for Kids Course2 Maze Sequence

If you had completed the Course 1 on you will notice that the stage names of the Course 2 are the same. The difference here are the blocks. In the previous course the blocks were marked with symbols, in this level they are written in words. Hence this level is more suitable for kids who can read. You can access the Course from this link

In the maze sequence above you need to drag blocks from the mid panel and place them under the 'when run' block. We will need to move forward the Angry Bird two times so that he can reach the Piggy.

In the above Maze the Angry Bird will come downward three steps. But there is no downward movement specified here. Looking at the orientation of the Bird if he moves forward he will reach the Piggy. Therefore we shall use three move forward blocks.

In the above maze, the Angry Bird needs to Move Forward two times and then Turn Right and again Move Forward once.

In the Maze above the Angry Bird needs to Move Forward one step then Turn Left, Move forward again and Turn Right and then Move Forward once to reach the Piggy.

In the above Maze there are two ways to for the Angry Bird to reach the Piggy. He can either turn Left, then he can reach the Piggy from the upper corridor, or he can turn Right, then he can reach the Piggy through the lover corridor. Both the possibilities are open. You can use any one.

In the above Maze the Coding needed for the Angry Bird to reach the Pig is shown above. You can see the mazes of different levels and their codes below. 

In the above maze you can move in two different paths. You can either turn the Angry Bird to Left or to Right when it reaches the TNT Box. The left turn will take a longer path, and the Right turn will be a shorter path.

 This is a bit of a Zigzag path. You can use the Step button to check if the code blocks that you have added are correct or not. It checks one block at a time.

This is the last level in this Stage the Maze Sequence. There are two Questions in the next two levels.

Hope you will enjoy this Stage in the second Course.

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