Programming for kids - Course 3 Maze Conditionals

Let us look at the Eighth stage of the third course in code studio. You will learn how to use Conditional statements in the Maze.There are 12 levels, 11 are coding exercises and the last one is a Question and Answer level. You will also be writing functions using if else statements and loops.

Below are the images of maze in each level along with the code needed to complete that level.

Level 1

We will be using a Code block Loop called "Repeat until". Here you can add another code block in it which will be repeated until the Zombie reaches the Sunflower. 

Level 2

Level 3

Here we will use a if statement inside the "repeat until" loop. This statement has three options ahead, left and right. And you can decide what the Zombie will do if the path is ahead, left or right. You will add another block to tell the Zombie to Move Forward, Turn Left or Turn Right. 

Level 4

Level 5

Level 6

Level 7

Level 8

We will use an If Else statement inside the "repeat until" Loop

Level 9

Level 10

We will use If else statement within another If else so as to cover three actions.

Level 11

The last level is a Question with multiple answers to choose from

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