Scratch Program - Enlarge and Color Change

If I am not mistaken most of you already know or have heard about the Scratch programming language from MIT. I will be explaining the use of scratch editor for creating interesting programs in Scratch beginning from this article. 

For those of you who do not have an online account on Scratch website can create one now at their website.

Scratch has an Offline editor also which you can download and install from the link below

Scratch also has an App for your smartphone 

The above image is the Scratch Editor. The cat is the default character/ cartoon which is called a Sprite in Scratch language. So now onward whenever I say a Sprite that means a Cartoon image, or any image or a photograph that you will use in Scratch. 

Let us add a new sprite to the stage. For that click on the first icon in front of "New Sprite"

That will open the Sprite library, you can choose a Yellow colored ball for this exercise. After you have selected the ball and clicked on Ok, the ball will appear in the center of the stage.
 You can use your mouse pointer to select and move the sprite across the stage area. 

Now select the Thumbnail of the Yellow ball as shown above. This will select the sprite for programming to be applied on it. We need to program each sprite individually. 

You can get the Purple code blocks above from the category called "Looks" in the Scripts panel. And the Brown colored code block is the Event that triggers the program to run. 

When we click on the Ball in the stage area, each time the size of the Ball will increase by 10 percent and its color will change. Try it, you will find fun to run this program.


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