Alice3 3D models Animations programming Tutorials

I am creating a series of video tutorials on Alice3 on Youtube. Alice3 is a free underappreciated free software from Carnegie Mellon University. It comes with Sims built in. Where you can create your own 3D Avatars and animate them and create Youtube videos with them.

I have made available all the Tutorial files along with these videos. I will give a link to download them from my Google Drive. It is a compressed Zip file containing all the a3p files of the Alice 3 tutorials.

Alice3 Tutorials Download

If you haven't installed Alice 3 on your computer then you can do it from the link below

You need to uncompress and copy all the a3p  files  in this folder below

Documents - Alice 3 - MyProjects

Try not to create any sub folder under MyProjects so that the Alice3 program can detect and display the files at the opening dialog screen.

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