Let's play Frost Fysics

There you see an Octagonal Smiley bumping it's way towards a yellow star. But the Smiley and all other objects are frozen. And you need to click on them before they come alive and start moving or falling down. 

Frost Fysics (remember it is FYSICS) is a Winter themed game created by   Nicholas Pearce of His company is named (npgames) and he has chosen a domain name that suits to his name.

There is a suitable background music and the sound effects. You can turn On/Off any of these if that makes you feel comfortable. The sound effect of ice breaking tingles in your ears, particularly in the hot summer in India, it is Cool to play Frost Fysics. 

I have also created an introductory video for this game that you can watch below


You can play this game on Nicholas's website below

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