Let's Play Magnetic Rush

Magnetic Rush is an all time favorite game. It has two round magnets. 
It is played by Up and Down Arrow keys. 
Up Arrow or (P)- Attracts the magnets 
Down Arrow or (L) - Repulse the magnets

These magnets are placed in different situations. As you attract or repulse the magnets, they start moving over metal, wooden, cement and brick objects. There are wooden boxes which can be pushed around.

There are two rotating circles which are the final destinations of these magnets. You need to take each magnet to one of these circles, then the level ends. 
There is a background score, which you can turn off if you want a silent play. There are sound effects, and visual effects as there is spark generated when the magnets screech on the metal surfaces.

It is an intelligent game. If puzzles is your thing, you would not want to miss this one. This is one of those games which you must play at least once in your life.

There is a Solution link at the top of the screen which will open a new page with the video walkthrough. I have created an introductory video of this game . You can watch it below

You can play this game form the link below

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