Let's play Next Please

Next Please is a fantastic game created by Vyacheslav Stephanov.  It is a game that gets better and better as you play it again and again.

It has 24 levels. Game is simple. There is a Dog which responds to the 
pressing of Arrow keys. It can move back and forth, and it can jump. You 
need to take it to the Exit in each level. You need to avoid some objects in 
the way. When you press the Spacebar, the dog will turn into a stepping stone and freeze. And a new dog will pop up at the start point. There are a fixed 
number of lives in each level . You can eliminate the last stone if it comes in 
your way by pressing X.

As you go to higher levels it gets more amd more challenging. There is a 
Walkthrough link in the Games window but that page is missing. 

I have created a video of this game that you can watch below

You can watch a walkthrough video below

You can play this game from the link below

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