Bones 3D App for human skeleton anatomy

If you are a student of biology, medicine or just a curious enquirer, you will find Bones 3D app quite interesting. It displays the human skeleton in 3D. The model is rotatable and expandable. When you select any part of the skeleton, you can see that part in a different color and its English and Latin name and  you can expand the text layer to read the details.

It also has a feature to take photos or snapshots of the model which are saved in a folder Bones3d, in your images folder.

It is a multilingual App, The circular menu above displays options to select from several different international languages. The Color pallet will mark different bones with separate colors. The Semi circular Arrow is the Auto Rotate menu. You need to touch it again to stop rotating. You can slide your fingers to rotate, use the tow finger expanding gesture to enlarge the view and closing fingers gesture to compact the view.

The rightmost icon will take a snapshot of the current view of the model and save it in a folder.
You can also watch a video of this App in action.

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