Programming for kids - Course 3 Play Lab-Create a game

Let us look at the Seventeenth stage of the Third course in code studio. This is another play lab. In this stage you can create an interactive game. There are 7 levels in this stage.

Below are the final images of each level along with the code needed to complete that level.

Level 1

make the octopus say hello.

Level 2

You can make the Penguin move Left, Right, Up and Down using Arrow Keys

Level 3

The Penguin is controlled with Arrow keys, while the Alligator moves Up and Down. 

Level 4

It is similar to the third level, except when the Penguin touched Alligator, he will say "ouch"

Level 5

Here we will add another character to the game. It is the octopus. When the Penguin touches the octopus, it will score a point.

Level 6

We will add a background image, change the speed of movement of the Penguin.  

Level 7

In this level you can create a game of your own.

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