Security of your Android phone with Kaspersky

From today onwards we will take a look at some of the premium/ commercial security Applications for Android phones. It is Kaspersky Internet Security for Android. It is relatively less expensive than other commercial security apps. I am  not comparing one app with another but letting you find out more about the App that you choose to install. This app is also available as a freeware with less features.

 Installing the App

You will see a green hexagonal icon with "internet security" written under it after installation.

Initially the free version is installed with the menu screen displayed as below. The options marked in yellow color are the ones available in the premium version.


  • Touch the "Real Time Protection" button at the bottom of the screen. 
  • Touch the button labelled "Get All Features".
  • Touch the button labelled "Purchase a License" on the next screen.

Touch the button labelled "Continue"

You can purchase the App with your credit or debit card.

30 days trial 

When you install this app, you will see pages describing the premium features of this app, if you slide them to the left you will come to the last page as shown below. It is written "Try for Free" in the middle of the screen. If you touch that, it will initiate your 30 days trial version.

Menu options

Scan - There are three scanning options as displayed below

Update - You can use this option to update the database
Real Time Protection - This is available in the premium version only
Call and Text Filter - You can block any numbers from sending you Text messages or calling you or both.

Anti Theft - This is a feature available also in the free version.

Text Anti Phishing - It will detect and block if a link to a malicious website is found in a text sms

Web Protection - This will actively scan your browsers url requests and block if any malicious urls are detected

Privacy Protection - This will help you to hide some numbers in your contacts and in your coll log.

You need to enter the numbers in the "contatcs to hide", and after that move the slider of "privacy protection" to the right. This will hide the selected numbers from the call log as well as from the contacts list. If you disable "privacy protection" these numbers will be visible again. You need to use a password to enable or disable the privacy protection.

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