Security of your computer with Kaspersky

Let us look at paid computer security software. Kaspersky has been rated best among them. There are several versions of Kaspersky for Home users to choose from according to your needs. These software are available for your Windows computers, Windows Phones, Android phones, IOS devices and Mac computers. In fact there are Multi device licenses which allow you to install 5 different software on 5 devices in your home. In this article we will look at Kaspersky Internet Security for Windows computers in details and also compare it's features with other versions of Kaspersky for Home users.

Installing on your computer

You can download a trial version of whichever version of Kaspersky from their website. The trial lasts for a month. If you are satisfied with the product you can purchase it to continue it's usage. The images below are from a trial version of Kaspersky Internet Security.

Menu options

After installation you will find a shortcut icon on the desktop and also in the Task Bar on your computer. If you right click on the Kaspersky icon in your task bar, you see a context menu. Let us go through it.

Task Manager - clicking on this option opens the Kaspersky Task manager. You will find a list of unresolved issues, and a log of recently completed scans.

Run Update - If you ever need to manually update the database, you can do it from here.

Tools - Application Activity - you can find a list of all the active applications and their details 

Tools - Network Monitor - you can find a list of all the active programs that are using internet and their details

Tools - On Screen Keyboard -  you can use this on screen keyboard to add more protection from keyloggers to your login on ecommerce or banking sites.


Pause Protection - If you ever need to pause the antivirus for some time, you can do it from here

Enable Parental control - You can quickly enable or disable the parental control from here. Requires password. You need to configure the parental control beforehand from the main window of the program.

Settings -  you can manage all the different settings in Kaspersky from here

Safe Money

Kaspersky has a separate tool called Safe Money. It creates a separate icon on the desktop. You can enter and save the names of ecommerce sites and banking sites in here. 

 You can select the option to open the site in the protected browser mode. That will reduce/ eliminate the possibility of losing your information to viruses

Different versions 

Kaspersky for Home has several versions.   "Kaspersky Pure - All in one protection" or "Kaspersky Total Security - Multi Device" has the maximum number of features including Digital Asset Protection which is not available in other versions for Home users. This is also the most expensive of the other two versions. You can compare them on the link below. 

Kaspersky Internet Security - Multi Device - This version allows you to install the following five software on five devices in your home

  1. Kaspersky Internet Security 
  2. Kaspersky Internet Security for Мас
  3. Kaspersky Internet Security for Android
  4. Kaspersky Safe Browser for Windows Phone
  5. Kaspersky Safe Browser for iOS
Kaspersky Internet Security - This version can be licensed for 1 to 3 computers. It is comparatively less expensive than the "Total security". The only thing which is not there is Digital asset protection.

Kaspersky Antivirus - This version could be suitable for those computers which are not connected to internet therefore do not require Internet security.

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